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Shop with confidence. We carry a good selection of G56 6 speed Transmission parts. The G56 has proven to afford a smooth, quiet operation in comparison to its predecessor, the NV5600. LazarSmith is your full 1- stop shop specializing in G56 transmission repairs, rebuild, remanufacturing, services, upgrades, modifications, accessories and custom parts. Have any of you guys ever seen or heard of the Transmission girdle for the G- 56?

The greatest benefit of the cryogenic treatment is torque capacity. G56 TRANSMISSION PARTS DODGE 6 SPEED. We discuss the pros and cons of using ATF in the Ram G56 manual transmission versus using SAE 50 or 75W- 90 transmission oil. 7L Dodge Cummins G56 Manual Transmission Finally, a dual disc clutch with easy engagement that will handle up to 650 RWHP and you can tow with! Parts pricing & availability for the Dodge G56 6 Speed transmissions are extremely VOLATILE! South Bend Street Dual Disc Clutch Kit. 94- 04 diesels, if equipped with a 5 speed, had the NV4500 transmission. Dodge G56 Manual Transmission Parts. Dodge G56 6 Speed Rebuilt Manual Transmissions & Parts - Buy Factory Direct and Save Money! G56 manual transmission upgrades. Full- synthetic Gorilla Juice gear oil and case- stiffening Tork Shield prevents failure. Prices on Core Exchange Basis, Freight to most States is $ 200. Manual Transmission Parts and Upgrades for.

Editor, thank you for bringing to my attention a recent thread on the TDR website forum concerning the G56 six- speed manual transmission used in ’ 05 and newer trucks. Clutch upgrades from South Bend Clutch and Valair can give you the holding power you need. Our Mercedes Benz G56 transmission was introduced in for use in Dodge Ram 25 series pickup trucks.
ATS manual transmissions feature cryo- treated internals and other upgrades to address weak points in shafts, gears and synchros. Getrag, a subsidiary of Mercedes Benz, manufactures the G56 transmissions that are in 5. REBUILDING THE G56 SIX- SPEED TRANSMISSION The six- speed manual transmission for the Turbo Diesel was changed by Dodge from the New Venture 5600 that had been used since 1999 until late in the model year, to a Mercedes Benz unit, the G56. In the eyes of many, combining the B- series inline- six with a standard transmission offers the best of both worlds: steadfast durability and utter simplicity. G56 manual transmission upgrades. The Everyday Ram: A 650 hp Dodge Anyone Can Build.
We stock a complete selection of G56 transmission and associated parts, including Dodge G56 bearings, G56 shifter parts, G56 input shafts and a total G56 transmission rebuild. Having issues diagnosing problems with your Dodge G56 6 Speed manual transmission we can help. The G56 transmission is an exact placement for the Dodge Ram 25 series between 20.

7 Dodge Cummins transmission? 7L Dodge turbo diesels newer than. The 6- speed manual G56 transmission first showed up in Dodge RAM 2500- and 3500- Series pickup trucks in mid- year as an upgrade improvement from the NV5600 transmission.

7L Cummins with an ATS Built G56 Transmission. Parts & components for the G56 6 Speed Transmission found in. Features include: Holds an additional quart of transmission fluid.

G56 Tork Shield Girdle 6 Speed Manual Transmission Do you think it would help stop the problems of shearing gears and gernading the G- 56 in high horsepower applications? G56 Clutch Life - What To Expect. 9LSeries Trucks ( Diesel) - On Dodge Ram. Best rear end ratio for performance and mpg Ram with a Cummins and aisin trans. This is a 2 quart bottle - Recommended a total of 6 quarts ( 3 bottles) to fill a G56 Transmission.

We carry the best manual transmission parts and upgrades available, including ceramic clutches and clutch kits, competition clutches, and more at the lowest prices. 89- 93 diesel trucks were factory equipped with the Getrag G360 5 speed. It can raise torque capacity any where from 350 lbs- 500 lbs! The G56 is a 6 speed manual transmission found in + Dodge trucks behind the 5. See how you can beef up your manual or automatic transmission to handle the extra power you. Performance Built Dodge G56 Transmission Sale.

G56 MANUAL TRANSMISSION WOES by Joe Donnelly Mr. Free shipping on orders over $ 150! Our experts say The Cryo process will increase the strength of the steel by 30% inside of your unit! The G56, as we are now aware, is an aluminum Best tech support! G- 56 Tranmssion Upgrades Cryo Treatment Of All Gears Is Now Available For All G- 56 Units.

WHY WE RECOMMEND SCHAEFFER’ S 239S SAE 50 AS A FLUID REPLACEMENT FOR G56 TRANSMISSIONS. The G56 manual transmission is the only manual transmission currently [ when? The G56 six speed manual transmission replaced the NV5600, with higher power input it is capable of handling over 600lbs of torque. PD Diesel Power 12, 230 views. 7 Dodge Cummins Manual Transmission and Clutch upgrades Clutch slipping in the G56 6. 7L Cummins I6 engine that is paired with the G56 6- speed manual transmission.

Why Aren' t There More Heavy Duty Pickups with Manual Transmissions? G56 Manual Transmission Since mid- model year, Cummins equipped Rams sporting a manual transmission have been equipped with a G56 six speed. Manual transmission can also be combined with clutch upgrades for mild or extreme power.

- Duration: 10: 44. All Automatic and Manual G56 Transmissions for. Keep that in mind when shopping.

7L Cummins turbo diesel. Find great deals on eBay for g56 transmission parts. 7- liter Cummins (. The transmission was not a selectable option for ; you either got the NV or the G56.

3 product ratings - Dodge Ram Diesel 5. The G56 shifts easier and smoother, but reaching reverse seems easier with the NV5600 than the G56. The dual mass flywheel that Ram uses with the G56 transmission is a bad piece of automotive technology. The G56 is a manual transmission specially manufactured for full- size pickup trucks. Shop now for all of your performance needs!
Maintaining the G56 transmission keeps the reliable part in good shape so you can shift gears smoothly and keep your business running successfully. G56 Transmission Oil Comparison. Manual transmission upgrades included performance clutches for better holding without slippage from increasing your performance and power.

7L G56 6 Spd Manual Transmission HD Input. G56 Manual Transmission Parts, rebuild kits, hard parts and more. [ citation needed] The transmission uses Mopar ATF+ 4 transmission fluid. When craftsmanship comes together like this performance and reliability is the end result. Ram HD with a manual transmission. The single advantage to the NV5600 is the higher OD ratio than the G56 in the pre- emission years.
A manually shifted, Cummins- powered Dodge Ram is the quintessential truck for most diesel enthusiasts. Check out transmission upgrades for a budget as we show you how to handle big power at small prices. ] available in a full- size pickup truck. 5- Dodge 2500 & 3500 trucks.

This " old" truck has seen some use, with around 365, 000 miles on it. Initially, the overdrive was not as steep ( 0. Th gen Dodge Ram Cummins diesel truck. Mercedes how to build a series transmission and we have complimented they' re strict German tolerances with our own series of state- of- the- art upgrades.

Why Engine Upgrades. For the and up Dodge 2wd and 4wd pickups! Patent- pending aluminum casting 356T6 alloy fins allow for cooling. We had the opportunity to replace the clutch in a Dodge 3500 equipped with a Cummins and the G56 six- speed transmission.
Upgrade the manual transmission on your. We offer G56 transmission upgrades in the form of a fully remanufactured G56 transmission swap. Additionally, we offer replacement parts and upgraded internals for the Getrag 5 speed, NV4500 5 Speed, NV5600 6 Speed, & G56 6 Speed manual transmissions. All Automatic and Manual G56 Transmissions for Sale | G56 Transmissions ( Automatic and Manual) | G56 Transmission | Global Shipping and Warranty. MR EDITOR – CAN YOU READ? If you are in a hurry and need something ASAP, please call and verify pricing & availability before ordering online.

The TRANS- COOL patent pending fin cooling system is uniquely designed to transmit heat from the inner fins to the outer fins, thus dissipating heat from the ' 05- ' 18 Dodge Turbo Diesel G56 manual transmission. I had followed the thread, but didn’ t contribute to it since my recent article in Issue. The Manual Transmission WILL slow you down over an automatic. Replace the worn G56 transmission in your. G56 6 Speed Manual Transmission.

Shop now for g56 transmission extreme duty heavy duty. When looking for standard transmission repair parts online, you' ll do no better than to trust Allstate Gear for all your parts needs. The transmission is manufactured by Getrag, which is a subsidiary of Mercedes Benz. Re- manufactured G- 56 transmission for sale. The Mercedes- Benz G56 six speed manual transmissions were first used in Dodge Cummins applications in, where it eventually replaced the New Venture NV5600.

[ citation needed] It is also the only manual transmission being optioned in Class- 4 and Class- 5 trucks. The aluminum transmission is much lighter than the cast iron NV5600, and has a higher input.